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We strongly believe that in the vast majority of educational settings, when it comes to computers, students are simply not exposed to enough challenging and interesting material to make it “come alive” for them. We believe that the two most interesting questions we need to answer for students are “How?”, as in “How does it work?”, and “Why?”, as in “Why does it do that?”. Most often, we find the emphasis instead on “What?” as in “What am I supposed to do to get this assignment done?” or “What’s in it for me?”

We feel that explaining how and why technology works the way it does helps students of all ages gain a better appreciation for it, and establishes a firmer foundation for more fun and effective use of computers.

We also believe that one of the most important skills that should be taught in 13 years of pre-college education is the ability of each student to “learn how to learn”. We feel that this is a vital skill in today’s workforce.

We often find, especially in technical careers, that we have to “reinvent” ourselves every few years in order to “keep up” with changing and emerging technologies. If we don’t have an attitude of “lifetime learning”, we will likely fail to reach our full potential, and become less marketable to the workforce. Besides, it’s fun to learn!

We have “hands-on” experience teaching these classes, and have received high praise for the enthusiasm that the students have shown for the material presented. Indeed, the vast majority of parents of our past students have expressed an interest in taking the classes themselves, which proves even further that this material is compelling, approachable, and fun, all at the same time!

Plus, we don’t want that computer to get the best of us, do we? We can master it, but we must understand that we can’t do that in a weekend; rather, it’s a process. Through continual learning and practice, we become more and more confident and able to accomplish what we want to do on the computer.

It is with these goals in mind that we carefully design each course. We want to leave students with the messages that learning is a lifetime process, and that you can always learn more about anything you wish. We hope these courses fulfill these messages. Please let us know what you think!